FANUC M-2iA robot stacks stamped parts


The speed and accuracy of industrial robots is breathtaking, and video is the ideal media to demonstrate this.

FANUC Robotics is proud to introduce the latest in a series of high-speed parallel-link “Genkotsu” robots: The FANUC M-2iA Robot. Two new models of the M-2iA robot are available to meet a variety of applications — The M-2iA/3S and the M-2iA/3SL – both offering a 3 kilogram payload and four-axes of motion with a single-axis rotation at the wrist. The M-2iA/3SL seen in this video is a long-arm model that offers a larger motion range than the M-2iA/3S model.

The M-2iA/3SL four-axis robot seen here picks stamped parts from an infeed conveyor using iRVision line tracking to locate the randomly-oriented parts. The robot orients the parts and places them onto an outfeed conveyor. The M-2iA is ideal for applications requiring high-speed and accurate handling of a variety of products in many applications. A completely enclosed structure makes it safe for food environments.

The four-axis M-2iA has a single-axis wrist for simple assembly and high-speed picking operations, offering speeds up to 3500 degrees per second. The M-2iA’s hollow wrist allows hoses and cables to be routed internally, which minimizes wear and tear on the tooling cables.

To learn more about FANUC Robotics full line of parallel-link style “Genkotsu” robots, please visit our website at



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